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Founder & Paster Bishop Terry W. Jackson
First Lady Sister Paulette Jackson

Leadership: Team Members

Bishop Terry Jackson's life is a testament to a strong foundation and unwavering faith, instilled in him by his parents Bishop James C. Jackson and Mother Sophie E. Jackson. He heeded the Lord's call to ministry at the age of 27, leaving Connecticut with his family to help his father in Virginia. Bishop James C. Jackson had specific instructions from the Lord for his son, who worked tirelessly within the church, beginning with getting his family saved. Bishop Terry's commitment to the Lord's calling led him to be ordained as a Bishop of True Vine Apostolic Church of Christ in December 2020. Throughout his journey, he remained steadfast in his devotion to Jesus Christ.

Sister Paulette Jackson, Bishop Terry's wife, has been an example of devotion and commitment. She supported her husband's calling, and they moved from Connecticut to Virginia in 1987 to start their ministry. Sister Paulette received the Holy Ghost in 1992 and has since worked tirelessly in various ministries of the church, including advising young mothers and wives and serving in the kitchen ministry. Her greatest desire is to be a blessing to her husband/pastor in his ministry and future endeavors.

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Leadership: Testimonials
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